Thursday, 19 April 2007

Introduction and Hello

Hi, my names Nick and ive been a Windows user for about 15 years now.

There, ive come out and admitted my problem and thats supposedly the first step towards rehabilitation, which I guess means that my second step must have been going out and buying my first Apple Mac, a shiny silver 2.16 Mhz Intel Core Duo 2 Mac Book Pro with a 15.4" screen.

So why if I was a Windows user for so long did I go out and buy an Apple Mac your probably wondering ? Well to cut a short story even shorter it was because me and a friend started a photography business together, he has been a Mac junkie for a few years and convinced me that when we were buying a laptop for our business it should be a Mac and not a windows machine.

In all honesty I didnt take much convincing, I guess I was ready for a change after all these years of windows useage and the arrival of Vista and its general lack of anything new that was either useful or exciting just convinced me that a Mac would be the better choice, I guess I was ready to learn something new.

Additional to this the more involved I got in the world of photography the more obvious it became that for creative fields, like photography the Mac was not just another option but quite possibly a "better option". I arent going to get into the Mac v Windows debate here, thats something that could be debated until the end of time and still there would be no clear winner, I made my choice of a Mac and that was that.

Its a strange feeling booting up something that youve never used before for the first time, as an IT Manager looking after networks, servers, desktops and laptops I have installed and configured windows ranging from 3.1 to Vista 100's probably 1,000s of times on many different brands of PC and could walk through the installtion process almost blindfolded these days but this was a mac and I didnt have a clue what to expect....

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